Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We just saw the movie Hugo yesterday.  I laughed and *sniff sniff* cried a little too.  It was so well done, and an interesting commentary on the history of film.  I  would highly recommend it for adults and children alike, with the exception of the very small, who might not find enough to hold their attention.  All in all, well worth an overpriced trip to the movies, even though it was in 3D, which is definitely not my favorite.

Hello cyber-world

I decided to dip my toes in the technology pool of publication.  This is the very first entry of my very first blog.  And I, one who rarely is without words to speak, especially in written form, find myself a bit shy about actually saying anything.  Perhaps it is because I am no more than a techie wanna-be and am not quite sure I want to have the world view, with possible derision, the things I have to say. Nevertheless, I shall boldly go where no Mama Claire has gone before.

I hope that my experiences might be of some help to others who are experiencing the same things in life.  It has taken me more than a couple of decades and countless mistakes to arrive at a point in my life where I rather like the person I have become--that is, when I am not feeling sorry for myself and wondering why I have never had the courage to do so many of the things I have admired in others.  So here goes!